Private Nur Medical Center Clarification Text About the Law on Protection of Personal Data

Personal Data Protection and Processing Policy

Protection of personal data is among the most important priorities of Private Nur Medical Center. Necessary sensitivity is given to the security of personal data, and great importance is attached to patient privacy and the preservation of all personal data of our patients by processing them in the best possible way and with care. In addition to our patients, our companions, visitors, all our employees and employees of the institutions and organizations we cooperate with; According to the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698, the regulation on the Processing and Privacy of Personal Health Data and the relevant legislation, it has been adopted as a corporate policy to protect personal data within the framework of the following basic principles.

• Processing personal data in accordance with the law and honesty rules,

• Keeping personal data accurate and up-to-date when necessary,

• Processing personal data for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes,

• Related, limited and measured processing of personal data for the purpose for which they are processed,

• Keeping personal data for as long as required by the relevant legislation or for the purpose for which they are processed,

• Clarifying and informing personal data owners,

• Establishing the necessary system for personal data owners to exercise their rights,

• Taking the necessary measures in the protection of personal data,

• To act in accordance with the relevant legislation and KVK Board regulations in the transfer of personal data to third parties in line with the requirements of the processing purpose,

• Showing the necessary sensitivity to the processing and protection of sensitive personal data,

• Deletion and destruction of personal data in a legally defined manner and time.


The main purpose of this Policy; To make explanations about the personal data processing activity carried out by Özel Nur Medical Center in accordance with the law and what has been done for the protection of personal data, in this context, especially our patients, visitors, employees and institution officials, employees, shareholders and officials of the institutions we cooperate with, and third parties. To provide transparency by informing the persons whose personal data are processed by our institution. Although the personal data processed by Private Nur Medical Center may vary depending on the health services provided, it is collected by automatic or non-automatic methods. Special quality personal data, especially health data collected verbally, in writing or electronically, by our patient representatives, physicians, health professionals, employees, subcontractors and their employees, companies engaged in all kinds of commercial activities, our call center, website, online services and similar means. data and general personal data can be processed for the following purposes.

Execution of medical diagnosis, treatment and care services, Protection of public health, planning and management of preventive medicine health services and financing; to inform our patients about the appointment; planning and managing the internal procedures of our hospital, analyzing for the purpose of improving health services; training and developing our employees, protecting the personal processes and legal rights of our employees, monitoring and preventing abuse and unauthorized transactions; performing risk management and quality improvement activities; conducting research; fulfilling legal and regulatory requirements; billing for our services; confirming your identity; newborn baby notification; Confirming your relationship with the institutions contracted with our hospital; sharing all kinds of information requested by private insurance companies within the scope of financing health services; to be able to answer all your questions and complaints about our health services; Taking all necessary technical and administrative measures within the scope of data security of our hospital's systems and applications; analyze your use of healthcare services and store your health data in order to develop and improve the healthcare services we provide to you; keeping information about your health data, which must be kept in accordance with the relevant legislation; Providing financial reconciliation regarding the health services offered to you with the institutions we have contracted with, banks and all institutions (public and private) from which health expenditures are collected; sharing the requested information with the Ministry of Health, Social Security Institution Presidency and other public institutions and organizations in accordance with the relevant legislation; measuring patient satisfaction, increasing patient satisfaction.

Personal data is collected and processed in all kinds of verbal, written or electronic media in order to provide the above-mentioned purposes and health services within the determined legal framework, and to fulfill the contracts and legal obligations of Private Nur Medical Center in this context.

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